Details for Finance Director- short


City of Avon ParkFinance Director($65,000-78,000) POSITION FUNCTION:This is complex professional and managerial work responsible for the finance, accounting, utility billing, budget, data processing, financial grant and project reporting and other essential functions of the City. REQUIREMENTS:•Bachelor's Degree required in accounting or related field. Master's Degree or CPA preferred.•Working knowledge of Florida Statutes Chapter 166, Part III•Working knowledge of the Community Redevelopment Act (CRA)•Familiarity with Union projections•Confirmed experience in making sound financial, technical, and management decisions• Valid driver's license.•Must pass applicable pre-employment background checks.•Candidate must be bondableSPECIAL REQUIREMENT: This position is a Disaster essential position and will be required to report for work when a declaration of emergency has been declared in Highlands County. The City of Avon Parkemployment applications must be filled out in entirety. Applications are located at underDepartments ‘HumanResources’.