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May brings a celebration of Better Hearing Month—an annual occasion designed to raise awareness of hearing loss and communica-tion difficulties.  This is an ideal time to bring you some of the sweeping advancements that have occurred in hearing health care this year.

Hearing aids have come a long way since the animal horns of yore. Nowadays, we’re equipping people with miniaturized comput-ers that sample incoming sound thousands of times per second. Combined with recharge-able batteries, Bluetooth pairing, and artificial intelligence, hearing technology is greater than ever before, capable of completely al-tering lifestyles and liberating social stigmas with near-invisible designs. 

Like vision checks, dental cleanings, and annual physicals, your ears are just as important as part of a healthy lifestyle. Your hearing is not the only thing at stake, health-wise. Balance and stability issues triple as the vestibular system gets compro-mised with hearing loss.

Social withdrawal is common in people with untreated hearing loss and that can lead to depression, anxiety, and strained relationships. Studies have shown that untreated hearing loss is linked to a greater risk of dementia, but thankfully wearing hearing aids can slow the rate of cognitive decline. In other words, hearing loss is not a stand-alone issue.

Audiologists are the primary healthcare professionals who evaluate, diagnose, treat, and manage hearing loss. Dr. Kristen Weinbaum is an audiologist in Clermont who has guided hundreds of patients along their unique journey into better hearing.

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