Lake County Sheriff  Peyton Grinnell

Peyton Grinnell.

Our office works very hard every day to serve our citizens and meet their needs in the most professional ways possible. In doing so, we strive to keep up with technological advances that not only enhance the delivery of our law enforcement services, but also help save your time as well as your taxpayer dollars. Sometimes the most professional service is that which is the most practical!  

Many of you may not be familiar with the online reporting system that we have available on our website at . The system allows you to file a non-emergency report from the privacy of your own home or office and allows you to do so at a time that’s most convenient for you. 

In years past, one would be required to telephone the Sheriff’s Office, request a dispatcher to send a patrol deputy to their home, then wait for the deputy to complete his or her call before being able to file an in-person report. It could take long periods of time, especially during periods of high call volume, or when deputies were tied up handling in-progress and high-priority calls or taking someone to jail. 

In many cases, a routine report is needed merely for documentation purposes or insurance purposes; therefore, there’s really no need to spend any more time than necessary to file one. Our system allows you to file a report concerning situations that occurred in Lake County that are minor in nature and have no known suspects, such as criminal mischief, harassing phone calls, damaged property, lost property, theft, or fraud reports. 

To file a report, go to and scroll over to the “How Do I?” tab at the top. From there, scroll down to the “File a Police Report Online” link and click. You will then be taken to the online reporting system where you will answer a few questions concerning the incident you wish to report. At this point, you will begin the actual reporting of the incident and should find that the system is simple, quick, and very user-friendly.   

Upon completing the report, the system will generate a temporary reference number that can be used until the report is reviewed and approved in the system. At this time, you will be able to print a copy for your records as the report approval typically occurs within five days. Once the report is approved, you will be given an actual case number that you can then provide to your bank, insurance company, DHSMV, etc. 

We recognize that these are hectic times we are living in and that many adults are just as busy with family commitments after work as they are during their workdays. While we hope you never have a need for this service, it is one that we offer in an effort to help you spend your time on more important things. If you do find yourself taking advantage of the online reporting, we hope that you will find it useful and convenient.   

Stay safe!         

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