Micah Warren and Jeremiah Plasters

Clermont firefighters Micah Warren and Jeremiah Plasters were deployed Louisiana helping communities affected by Hurricane Laura.

Sept. 3, Clermont Fire Department welcomed home two firefighters who spent a week in Louisiana, where they helped communities affected by Hurricane Laura as part of Florida’s Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 4.

Prior to the hurricane making landfall, Clermont Fire Department Engineer Micah Warren and Lt. Jeremiah Plasters were deployed with 40 other Central Florida firefighters, 14-plus vehicles and a K9. In addition to search and rescue, the team also performs swift water rescue.

Warren, a task force member beginning in 2010, said, “Florida Task Force 4 has allowed me the opportunity to use my 800-plus hours of training, knowledge and experiences beyond local responses. It has been my platform to do what I love.”

The task force’s 42 team members had been deployed to Baton Rouge, including Lake Charles and Cameron, and were crucial in conducting primary and secondary search efforts, with a focus on residential structures and critical infrastructure.

Task Force 4 is is credited with helping thousands of lives in the aftermath of storms or other catastrophic events. In 2018, Plasters and several other Clermont firefighters were deployed to the Panhandle for a life-saving mission post-Hurricane Michael.

Plasters, who has been on the team since 2011, said, “I am proud to represent Clermont and am grateful for the unique opportunity to serve other states and our country when called upon.”

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