As we enter a new year it always is a time to pause and reflect. Many of us make short-lived resolutions even though our intentions are admirable. I would like to challenge you to think about one thing you can commit to doing to making your world a little better.

Whether it is helping a neighbor in need, volunteering with an organization that matters to you or investing in a nonprofit organization that supports a cause that's dear to your heart. So many of our nonprofits can use your time, talents, and treasures to strengthen and grow their capacity.

In 2022 the Community Foundation is committed to growing our grant program so we can invest additional dollars into the nonprofits, along with providing them with educational opportunities to assist them in improving and strengthening their organizations. We are also working to increase our role as a community leader and want to be an integral part of finding solutions to problems facing our community.

Lastly, we are dedicated to working closely to fulfill our donors philanthropic goals by connecting them to organizations where they want to invest their dollars. As one of our donors, we take the time to listen and find out what causes you are interested in and then we share opportunities as they arise. Partner with us in the new year, through your business and our Community Partnership Program or as an individual donor.

Wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year!

Kathy Smith is the Executive Director of the Community Foundation

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