What if there was a place where you could pilot an amphibious 8-wheeled vehicle called a “Mucky Duck” across open trails and through alligator-inhabited lakes? Maybe tear up some trails on a four-wheeler, or in a side-by-side seat dune buggy.  

If the “need-for-speed” is not your thing, try fishing for large-mouthed bass on a serene lake, fitting an arrow to a bow or even shoot clay pigeon’s out of the sky with a shotgun.


Revolution Adventures, voted No. 1 off-road attraction in central Florida by Florida’s Attractions Association, is a place where you can do all of the above.

Fun and educational, all-adventure tours are self-driven and set in 230 acres of glorious and well-maintained Florida countryside teeming with wildlife. And each adventure comes with its very own tour guide.


Before hitting the trails, each adventure starts off with a thorough safety briefing by knowledgeable and experienced guides. Mandatory gear (such as helmets and safety goggles) is all provided. The 75-minute to 2-hour drive (depending on which tour you book) starts off with a practice course then moves on to more difficult terrain.

“We do everything possible to keep them safe,” said owner Audrey Jowett. “Our philosophy is the safer you drive the more fun you will have on your ride.”

After the practice run, riders follow their guide into the pristine and peaceful wilderness. Immediately apparent is the abundant wildlife: White-tailed deer, wild hogs, turkeys, hawks, and many other birds of prey.

While driving the mucky ducks, the real excitement comes when the guide leads you into a lake occupied by multiple alligators. It’s all perfectly safe, and you get the sense the guides are ready to dive in and wrestle with the gators if necessary.

The sign, the website, and the staff all provide the same warning: “Be prepared to get dirty… maybe very dirty.” In fact, the guides chant this like a mantra or rite of passage, and they deliver.

Four guests from Northern Ireland took the two-hour tour on four-wheelers and came back covered from head to toe in dirt and mud and grinning from ear to ear.

“All the mud and dirt! It’s a great way to get away from the theme park crowds and try something different,” said Jennifer Garrett, speaking about her favorite part. “We do this every year we come back to Florida and we’ll do it again!”

 Before spending tens of thousands of dollars on equipment, trailers, tags for trailers, personal protection gear, Revolution Adventures is a great way to get an introduction to the offroad vehicles.

“This isn’t for high octane junkies, or experienced riders with their own machines, but riders start to feel like a pro by the time they’re finished,” said guides Billy Newbaum.

It’s also fun and enjoyable for the guides, among them Jasper Stewart, who takes guests bass fishing out on the private 65 acre lake.

“It’s really cool. I’ve always loved the outdoors,” Stewart said. “Now, every day I get to take families out fishing who are from all over the world.”


“It all began with a sketch of an offroad track on a scrap of paper,” says wife, and co-owner Audrey Jowett. “Kevin, (as in Kevin Jowett, former rally race car driver in the U.K. and Europe, among a host of other things) was sitting at home on a very wet and cold afternoon in the United Kingdom and drew out a plan on a scrap of paper of an offroad track.”

“I first came up with the idea while I was teaching others how to drive rally cars at special events and conventions when I realized there was a whole lot of people out there who wanted the thrill of driving these high-performance vehicles off-road but might not be able to afford these expensive machines,” said Kevin Jowett. “My dream was to give people that experience.”

He went on to say that his dream seemed impossible because property in the United Kingdom was at an all time high premium and still is today.

It wasn’t until they were vacationing in Florida that the couple discovered an old citrus and cattle farm for sale.

“It had an old sawmill, roaming cows, and the property’s most infamous bit of history was an old woman used to still the best moonshine in Lake County,” said Audrey. There’s even a replica of the still on the property, but the owners assured me it still wasn’t in use.

So, approximately 16 years ago, Kevin convinced his wife to move to the states to live the American Dream. With that, they bought the 230 acres and thus Revolution Offroad Adventures was born. They’ve been adding to it ever since.

“We will never stop adding experiences,” said Kevin with a look of sheer determination in his eyes. “We have plenty more to bring on board, yet.”

It’s apparent that even after operating the off-road theme park for the past 16 years and surviving through extreme trials and tribulations like recessions and COVID-19, they still very much enjoy what they do.

“When guests enter through our front gate, we treat them as though they are guests in our very home,” said Audrey.


The compound also has non-motorized adventures available like skeet shooting (shooting clay pigeons with shotguns), target archery, archery tag (safely shooting each other with foam arrows) and Trophy Bass Fishing. It’s a place where families from ages 7-70 can enjoy making lifelong memories together. It’s like a summer camp, only for the whole family.


To hear Audrey tell it in her thick British accent is not something that should be missed.

 “Mister Fred’s Food Truck is named after my father. He always said if I ever do own my own restaurant, I should name it after him,” she said as she patted the food truck with an open palm like a steel drum. “This is as close as I’ve come. Our specialty is Haddock (fish) and chips and English sausage on rolls.” They also have a variety of other food offerings, such as tacos and burgers.


Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, a second pair for the ride home, and a bandana, hat, and sunscreen. Oh, and don’t forget a sense of adventure.


Revolution Adventures

4000 State Road 33, Clermont

(If you pass a Sunoco convenience store on your left, turn around, you just drove past the entrance.)

Phone: 352400-1322


Hours By Reservation:

8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Admission fees vary, according to package(s) selected:

Visit: https://www.revolutionoffroad.com/

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