Doggy Delights by Allison Fogarty of Clermont has proudly achieved well-earned and well-deserved local and national media attention.

What makes it so amazing is that after so many years of unfortunate surgeries, health challenges, hospitalizations and misery, with concerns whether she would ever be healthy enough to work and be able to have her own business, her determination and perseverance, even when things were very tough, shows her indomitable spirit despite being differently abled.

Born with Down Syndrome, Fogarty was also born with Tracheo-Esophageal Fistula (TEF) and a Laryngeal Cleft. The latter two medical conditions required numerous surgeries that left her with the inability to eat or drink for two years.

That’s where her inspired passion for cooking and food came from. During recovery she began watching the Food Channel and fell in love with Rachael Ray and the idea of possibly becoming a chef. 

It all came about when the program asked viewers to submit their recipes and stories. Her mom, Pat, submitted a proposal and voilà, a star was born!

As was the idea of going into business for herself.

Fogarty and her parents were participating in the Down Syndrome of Central Florida's first Entrepreneur Academy. She wanted a job in the kitchen, yet needed flexible hours due to her medical concerns.

When they heard about the Entrepreneur Academy, her parents knew it was just what their daughter needed to help her follow her dreams. 

But determining what and how market segment to go after was undetermined, at least at first. The answer soon made itself known.

There were so many dogs in their neighborhood, the idea of making dog treats easily came to mind. With her participation in the Entrepreneur Academy, her dream became reality.

“DSACF taught me how to start a business. They gave me the guidance and opportunities to sell my specialty dog treats,” said Fogarty.


Fogarty has now been on The Rachael Ray TV show twice, along with being featured in national and local media.

The first time came about when Ray invited viewers to submit recipes, as well as tell about themselves. That appearance led to everything else that followed, including celebrity.

Fogarty’s personal inspiration comes from a quote from the musical, “Hairspray,” which is a personal favorite of hers.

“You have to think big to be big,” she said. It’s the advice she always gives, especially to those who are differently abled. It is coupled with another bit of advice. “If they are thinking about starting a business they should start small but dream big.” 

She is currently featured in the January issue of “STYLE” magazine, a local publication, highlighting 40 successful people under 40. 

Plus she has been doing a number of speaking engagements throughout the central Florida region, where she enjoys sharing her story, hoping to inspire others. 

Recently, Fogarty was featured in a Tik Tok review, which garnered her massive attention, 2,000 new followers, and best of all, orders for her products.

She loves sharing short videos which show how she makes and delivers her treats, as well as how she ships orders.

Plus, she was just featured by the Down Syndrome Association Congress, which went viral while astoundingly breaking records with over one million hits and likes.

With all of the local, national TV and internet exposure, new first-time orders have been coming in from everywhere.


Doggy Delights by Allison is celebrating five years of existence, and Fogarty is celebrating by sending customers dog stickers, a bookmark, a special postcard and a desktop calendar. 

She loves donating to organizations helping dogs, as well as differently abled people.


Phone: 407-205-8893



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