Turnpike widening project

It’s no secret Lake County is booming, and one result of that is an upcoming project on Florida’s Turnpike. 

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, part of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), is planning to widen Florida’s Turnpike Mainline (SR 91) from the Minneola Interchange to US 27 from a 4-lane divided expressway to an 8-lane divided expressway. This project will provide additional capacity to meet future traffic demand in 2040, improve emergency evacuation times, and improve safety within the corridor, according to FTE.

Currently in the design phase, the FDOT project also will involve changing Minneola, US 27 South and US 27 North interchanges, reconstructing Turnpike bridges and the bridges over the Turnpike and installing new All-Electronic Toll gantries.

Construction will be divided into two projects: One from the Minneola Interchange to north of the US 27 South Interchange will begin construction in September 2022, and the other from north of the US 27 South Interchange to the US 27 North Interchange will begin construction two years later.

For more information, visit https://bit.ly/35gCZBd