Although Sept. 11 is remembered as a day of tragedy, it is also a day of celebration. Even 20 years later, new life coming forth is an occasion to rejoice. This past Sept.11, Archer Templin marked his first birthday, and what better way to celebrate it than with a cake designed as the shield of comic book hero, Captain America. 

Joining him is his sister, Allison. For those who are aficionados, there currently is a television program on Marvel Comics superheroes that asks, “What if…?” In the first of the series the “What if” question asks what might have resulted if something had gone wrong in the transformation of Steve Rogers. The answer is that instead of Captain America, there would be Captain Carter. So, Allison, it’s time for you to step up to your own mantle of greatness. 

Their parents are Raechel and Trevor Templin.

(Editor’s note: Archer and Allison are the grandchildren of Dawn Gleason, who designs the layout for The News Leader.)




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