K9 Crew Cuts

K9 Crew Cuts

Turning dogs from scruffy to fluffy, from stinky to sweet is what K9 Crew Cuts is all about. After 26 years Susan Routhier (award winning groomer) has no intention of slowing down.

"There is always more to learn, and always more time to grow in knowledge" she says. "I found a niche that suits my grooming skills, and my love for dogs - that was opening my own dog grooming shop with my husband Armand.

Years have passed and 3 years ago we decided to move our shop to Clermont where we live, work and play". Armand says, "It's the teamwork of two people who have a Christ centered faith combined with God given talents".

Armand's talent is in printing and being a graphic artist. He too has won many art/graphic awards, along with four art scholarships. Owning his printing business lends to helping with the photoshoot room the shop has. They enjoy photo sessions (which are always free) with the dogs. They take those photos and imprint them onto mugs, key chains, coasters, oven mitts, ornaments and so much more. Both agree that success is in those clients who over the years have become family.

"Anyone who has groomed for more than a day knows that our jobs are difficult", says Susan. Yet, the very challenges that grooming presents is what attracts them to their furry clients.

GET YOUR BUZZ ON! is heard around town & at Royal Oaks Plaza, 2105 Hartwood Marsh Rd, Clermont. 352.533.8266, k9crewcuts.com, Facebook or Google.