Becky Smith

Meet Becky, a mother to a child with autism requiring constant supervision and assistance. As a result, she is not able to work outside of the home. The Community Foundation discovered that she previously had a baking business and she was hoping to re-start her business, to provide for her family, rather than relying on welfare. 

The case manager was able to connect Isabella to one of our donors who provided the tools and equipment she needed. As a result, she is baking cakes and cookies and is excited to provide financially once again for her family on her own.


In July 2021, the Live Well Foundation of South Lake supported concerted effort to collaboratively provide healthy food and case management for the families in need. Case management is so vital to stopping the vicious cycle.

Partnerships with South Lake Community Ministries, Well of Hope, FAITH Neighborhood Center and The Central Florida Hope Center to deploy these efforts have already proven to be effective.

Since August 2021, 3,000-plus families have received an increase of fruits of vegetables into their homes and 135-plus families have received case management. 


In 2020-2021, the Community Foundation made grants to 76 nonprofit organizations and 32 scholarships through its funding and its generous donors for a total of $1,631.406. Please join in increasing its impact in 2022. Call 352-394-3818.

Kathy Smith is the Executive Director of the Community Foundation.

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