november yard

The Clermont Garden Club’s Yard of the Month for November is 14951 Green Valley Blvd., in the Green Valley neighborhood. 

Patsy and Benny Pederson, and their son, landscaped the entire yard several years ago to attract bees, birds and butterflies.  

The front yard has red fountain grass, sweet almond, pentas, heliconia, buddha belly, hibiscus, jatropha, assorted begonias, and many, many more. Under the oaks and magnolia trees around the house are also four o’clock plants, firebush, shrimp plants, firecracker fern, crotons, orchids, ferns, angel trumpet, copper plant, philodendron, and assorted lilies.

This is the yard to check out for plant ideas for all new Florida residents. These are the colorful plants and flowers to grow here where the northern flowers do not thrive. Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden with us. 

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