For the past couple of years, I’ve chosen a scripture to meditate on throughout the year. When I felt myself getting off course, overwhelmed or discouraged, I’d recite the verse and remind myself of its truth. 

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I remember it as if it were today. In 1977, sitting in a darkened theater, watching Luke Skywalker get on his hovercraft speedster and then racing off into the desert, I said to my date, “I need to get me one of those.”

The team at the Community Foundation of South Lake and I want to wish the people and businesses of South Lake County, City of Clermont, Groveland, Mascotte, Minneola, Montverde and Ferndale happy holidays and a wonderful new year, filled with good health and much happiness.

It’s time to end our habit of “springing forward” and “falling back” twice a year, which has been blamed for everything from seasonal depression to robberies. But let’s be honest, the real reason to put a stop to it is that most of us hate the back and forth — resetting our clocks, losing sl…

I had a strict religious upbringing. My grandparents, who helped raise me, were Roman Catholic and paintings of Jesus and the Blessed Mother decorated our Italian household. Church was considered as important as school and for 18 years I rarely missed a Sunday. 

Relationships thrive when both parties give 100%, when they’re all in and support one another to a healthy degree. On the other hand, lopsided relationships have a tendency to fall flat and fail. No one wins when someone pours themselves into the drudgerous role of caregiver and the other so…

We are well into the Christmas shopping season. What to get Uncle Fred who has everything? I came across this nice column from my friend JDR and it just seemed appropriate at this time of the season, and so I thought I would share it with you.

Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to “fix” someone who doesn’t want to be fixed. It’s like trying to hang a picture, tilting the frame to just the right level, but despite our efforts, the picture keeps falling, Possibly becoming more broken because of our interference. 

Chanukah is certainly one of the Jewish religious holidays that is better known throughout the world. It is a celebration that lasts eight days and nights, marked by candle lighting, songs, parties and special festive foods. The Jewish calendar doesn’t match the secular calendar exactly, so …

Using the old standby “I’m fine” when we’re going through the trenches can do more harm than good. The placated notion becomes a shield that we place over our hearts, burying the pain deeper and deeper because we’re afraid to be real, afraid to be vulnerable, afraid to deal with this very pr…

Thank goodness we still have robust newspaper reporting.  The Miami Herald and ProPublica recently wrote a series of stories about the State of Florida’s abusive incompetent program to help children born with neurological damage.

Our politicians like to talk about America the Great. We are the world’s first democracy. ”The shining city on the hill.” We are the world’s economic superpower. We can all agree with our politicians — America the Great should be part of the national conversation.

No doubt the world would be a lot happier and healthier if the season for gratefulness wasn’t stuffed into a solitary month of the year, garnished with obligatory thankfulness that’s dressed in the form of a holiday that’s notorious for overeating and family discord.

Before you read the rest of this column ask yourself if the world you live in is more or less polite than the one your parents lived in. You might be surprised by the answer.

Voters of all political persuasions want open, honest, and fair elections. However, the public deserves to know details of this proposed legislation and the recent Viewpoint, “Congress need to pass the Freedom to Vote Act” as reprinted by the Clermont News Leader from The Times West Virginian. 

October was National Bullying Prevention Month, which was initiated by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center in 2006 to raise awareness about the devastating and often long-term effects of bullying. 

Today, I want to share with you what the 67 member Florida Supervisors of Elections Association has to say about the elections process. There are both Democrats and Republicans in the Elections Supervisor position in Florida. The current president of the association is a Republican. They cam…

All of us have fallen subject to a bad attitude, therefore fixating on it so hard it’s overshadowed our outlook and consequently our outcome. 

Editor’s note: The News Leader seeks religious leaders of all faiths in the communities of Clermont, Groveland, Mascotte, Minneola and Montverde to write either articles, sermons or columns of religion, faith and values. If interested, contact Managing Editor Steve Steiner at ssteiner@clermo…

Twenty-three years ago a modest barbecue contest called Pig on the Pond was held at Waterfront Park. The goal was to raise money to fund a scholarship for deserving students who dreamed of going to college but needed help to achieve that dream. A Clermont mom, Cheryl Fishel, who had a heart …

Florida historically has had one of the lowest wage bases and is heavily dependent on tourism and our winter guests. Florida needs to diversify its economy, but that’s not as easy as it sounds.

On its own, expectation is an excellent motivator. It gears us up for things yet realized, invigorating us to stay the course until we hold the prize that we anticipated all along.   

Halloween is just days away and this means fun and excitement for your little ghouls, ghosts and goblins hoping to score a treasure trove of candy and treats throughout your neighborhood. 

We are making decisions in response to this pandemic that will live on for generations. Once government makes a decision, it rarely ever changes the enacted policy.

Editor’s note: The News Leader seeks religious leaders of all faiths in the communities of Clermont, Groveland, Mascotte, Minneola and Montverde to write articles of religion, faith and values. If interested, please contact Managing Editor Steve Steiner at 352-242-9818, or: ssteiner@clermont…

So many folks struggle with their emotions to the extreme that they bow down to them, allowing anger, sadness, despair, etc. to navigate them into a hazy present and future. They allow their emotions to beat them into submission where they feel inadequate and insecure.

Many of us have heard of the TV show hosted by John Quiñones. John uses hidden cameras to observe how ordinary people behave when they’re confronted with dilemmas that require them either to take action or to walk by and mind their own business. 

Editor’s note: The News Leader seeks other religious leaders of all faiths in the communities of Clermont, Groveland, Mascotte, Minneola and Montverde to write articles of religion, faith and values, in what is intended to become a weekly feature. If interested, please contact Managing Edito…

Hollywood has coined the word “action” across a myriad of movie sets. It’s a cue the actors act upon to move and speak according to script, in order to bring alive someone’s brainchild. 

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