We’ve all heard the old adage ‘welcome distraction’ that’s often used in cases when we need a break from something tedious or traumatic. In those moments, our minds are temporarily relieved, possibly giving us a new perspective about the task or trauma at hand. 

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Many years ago, my wife had a customer in Singapore who was visiting us here in the states. Over dinner, I asked him about all the rules Singapore had at that time: 

It seems everywhere we turn nowadays, someone is blaming someone else, taking no responsivity for their own emotional welfare. Whether it’s a political party, a boss, a relative, a spouse or even a child. 

We’re only a few weeks into the school year and in the midst of all the challenges we are facing and all the unknown, what I do know is that there is great teaching and learning happening in our schools! Our teachers are going above and beyond every day to meet the needs of our students and …

As we watch the sad withdrawal of Americans and Afghan allies, in front of the Taliban advance, our nation considers the meaning of all the American lives lost and many more physically wounded, I wonder if this will be the last war Americans will be physically involved in.

Limiting labels corral us into a fence of mediocrity and misery. They compel us to stop searching for the gate of freedom because we buy the lie that we aren’t capable of superseding our self-drawn existence. 

A couple of weeks ago I received news that two members of my family were sick with COVID symptoms. The first was my 17-year-old son, Cooper. He told me he had cold symptoms. No big deal, right?

Our long-time production director, R., died from Glioblastoma — a particular nasty and deadly form of cancer. R. was with us almost 30 years. His former career was primarily as a newspaper accountant up in Pennsylvania.

It was 73 years ago this month that my dad, Allen Funt, brought “Candid Camera” to television. Remarkably, between his career and mine, we hold a record with the only entertainment show to have produced new episodes in eight different decades.

The purpose of the News Leader is to keep the local citizens updated as to what is happening in their community.   

These may end up being the most significant words published in a newspaper this week:                                                                                                          

We are fat because grain-based food is the cheapest food source we can buy. We mix grain with salt and sugar to make it taste good. Relatively empty carbohydrate calories, plus salt and sugar, equals excess pounds.

My father passed away a couple of weeks ago. He was a long-time Central Florida resident and businessman. My column this week is a tribute to him. I know most of you never met him but to know him is to know me a little better. He was a mill representative for a large carpet manufacturer at o…

We’ve all stumbled somewhere along our life path, bashing our moral code, going against God’s Word, and — as consequence of sowing and reaping — messing up our lives by these damaging choices.  

They say when the going gets tough, the tough get going. In other words, these grin-and-bear-it folks don’t give up. They pull up those bootstraps, power through and bust through problems like the Kool-Aid man.

As I look back 10 years ago when I started this non-profit organization, I had one thing in mind: making a simple and easy way for anyone in the community who wanted to volunteer be able to. Having the ability to do so without having to jump through hoops, I just wanted to make it simple and…

I have lived in Dona Vista, 2 miles north of Eustis, for almost 30 years. I have seen the conspiracy to force county residents into every city limit. All cities are doing it! I have tried to bring attention to this fact to my County Commissioners, and my House of Representatives members and …

The unwillingness of too many to forego the vaccine, fueled in some quarters by a politically driven narrative that equates opting out with a twisted ideal of American freedom, has allowed a virulent version of the coronavirus to thrive. The delta variant is now racing through the population…

Because I write young adult fiction, I’m acquainted with the ever-evolving slang, yet rarely use the jargon because it tends to age a novel. About 10 years ago kids were dropping the word “thirsty” on things or people they were mad desperate for and would do anything to attain. 

Most of us are familiar with the Bible story about how Moses led his people out of Egypt and into to the promised land. What many of us forget is that Moses and his people wandered in the desert for 40 years. Moses personally never got to the promised land.

When we complain about a situation, person or group of people, we place ourselves in an addictive cycle of negativity. It may feel momentarily good to vent, to satiate our self-importance, but the long term effects are a detriment to our brains, bodies and souls.      

Our nation is coming up on the 20th anniversary of the tragic events of 9-11 and for some the scars are still raw from that day. 

Celebrating our nation’s independence every year on July 4 is a point of joy and pride. For more than 85 years, our programs have helped provide financial independence to millions of hardworking people. We have three useful online tools to help you achieve the financial independence you dese…

Two weeks ago, I wrote about trying to get information about Mount Dora’s fire department so I could respond to one of our readers, “A.” Spending $37 million on new fire stations did not make sense to “A.” Last week I wrote from the perspective of a fiscal conservative objecting to such a sm…

Heartbroken people are often so desperate for love that they will attach themselves to someone new in the hopes that the newbie will somehow complete them like a Jerry McGuire character. 

Last week I wrote about a citizen of Mount Dora trying to understand why such a small city spends so much on a fire department. I detailed my back and forth with the city trying to get answers to his questions.

It’s time to stand up and break the code of silence, too often we feel that we have no say in our society, but it only takes a small rudder to steer a large ship. Here are some steps in making your voice heard. 

Behavioral change is as thin and unreliable as a wisp of smoke. Here today because of sheer will, fleeting tomorrow because we will always abandon what we don’t believe.

The other day I had the privilege and pleasure to meet and chat with a lovely lady, Twila Smith. She had come into the newspaper to advertise a book signing she will be hosting from 11 a.m.-2 p.m., July 28 at First Baptist Church.

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