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Whenever our great country seems in a moment of crisis, I like to reread a short speech by Abraham Lincoln. Each crisis feels like our country is struggling once again with equality, or worried about our freedom, or fretting about our nation’s economic future, or all three put together.

In four years, the new president might be Florida’s current Gov. Ron DeSantis. He’s an excellent campaigner. After running to the far right, when elected, DeSantis adopted a more centrist agenda that will likely ensure his re-election in two years.

When I was five, I received my first “fishing pole.” We didn’t have a lot of money. There were seven of us living in an 1,800 square foot house with three bedrooms and one bathroom.

Would you wear a mask if you knew that 25% of our children under two years old would die if they got infected with the coronavirus? I suspect most of us would say yes without hesitation.

The flies were swarming. On the outside of the screens. Stuck in the screens. Some even squeezed through holes in the screens and now were dive bombing us in the house. In the summer, Tidewater Virginia is ground zero for the mosquito and fly invasion.

Small businesses are facing a major challenge. The federal government has picked winners and losers. The winners are big business. Wal-Mart stays open selling clothing, books and anything you might want. The local clothing store must close. Home Depot stays open selling carpet, but the local…

A new resident has parked itself in the driveway of the parsonage. After ten years of the old resident parked outside, it is a nice change to see this new one.

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