Celebrating our nation’s independence every year on July 4 is a point of joy and pride. For more than 85 years, our programs have helped provide financial independence to millions of hardworking people. We have three useful online tools to help you achieve the financial independence you dese…

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Two weeks ago, I wrote about trying to get information about Mount Dora’s fire department so I could respond to one of our readers, “A.” Spending $37 million on new fire stations did not make sense to “A.” Last week I wrote from the perspective of a fiscal conservative objecting to such a sm…

Heartbroken people are often so desperate for love that they will attach themselves to someone new in the hopes that the newbie will somehow complete them like a Jerry McGuire character. 

Last week I wrote about a citizen of Mount Dora trying to understand why such a small city spends so much on a fire department. I detailed my back and forth with the city trying to get answers to his questions.

It’s time to stand up and break the code of silence, too often we feel that we have no say in our society, but it only takes a small rudder to steer a large ship. Here are some steps in making your voice heard. 

Behavioral change is as thin and unreliable as a wisp of smoke. Here today because of sheer will, fleeting tomorrow because we will always abandon what we don’t believe.

The other day I had the privilege and pleasure to meet and chat with a lovely lady, Twila Smith. She had come into the newspaper to advertise a book signing she will be hosting from 11 a.m.-2 p.m., July 28 at First Baptist Church.

Have you ever thought about the term ‘pearls of wisdom’? I imagine actual pearls strung together, each given its own size/shade variant, yet filled with gobs of life giving truth. The string bears no clasp, it’s open-ended, making room for more wisdom that goes beyond sage advice or a sought…

Last week I wrote how efficient Sumter County was when they replied to a question about when an intersection would get a red light. They get an A+ for timeliness and completeness. 

With Joe Biden’s presidency nearing the six-month mark, the Republican National Committee sent out a “Biden Report Card” – a poll in which Biden’s performance is graded from A to F.

What breaks my heart the most is when a sexually abused child grows up and turns from God because they believe that He allowed gross acts happen to them. They don’t understand that these predators forced their free will on them and that it broke God’s heart.

It’s when we’re exposed in our weakest moments that we find out how much we truly trust God. No matter how far down we’ve buried a limiting belief, the root will shoot up under the fire of something unexpected. 

I don’t understand politicians. I really don’t. I’m not talking about the public servants at the local level. I’m talking about the less than fully honest politicians at the state or federal level.

Summer is in full swing, and nothing symbolizes summer like celebrating our nation’s independence. Main Streets will be lined by eager parade-goers as floats adorned with red, white and blue make their way through the cheering and waving crowds. Families will no doubt be gathered in back yar…

For those of us who are convinced our dogs are just very small people with a lot of hair and an extra set of legs, Pups in the Park is just what we needed.

Late to lunch, I scanned the nearly full banquet room of round tables, looking for an open seat. Ah, there’s one open seat, all the way across the room. I eased into my seat as the others at the table finished their salads and bread.

There’s injustice in this world that we can allow to defeat us or empower us to make a significant change. 

Before the usual talk of zoning variances, potholes and garbage cans would take place, the Clermont City Council listened to something much more important at its meeting last week.

Volunteers are everyday heroes in my book. Volunteers are made up of men, women, boys and girls who perform acts of mercy. They are generally passionate about their community and enjoy having the opportunity to be involved. Time is the most valuable gift we possess, and when one chooses to u…

Sometimes when we’re shaking mad, it can be like looking through a kaleidoscope of fear. This happens when we’re trying to protect our viewpoint, reputation, belief, security and/or ego. The root issue has less to do with being angry at someone or something and more to do with losing control. 

In Proverbs 23:7 the Bible teaches us that as a person thinks, he or she is, in their nature, character, who they believe they are in their heart of hearts. 

It’s normal these days to applaud the return to normality. But I’m going to miss some of the abnormal stuff we’ve been doing during the pandemic. The Top 10 things I hate to lose:

Weariness has the habit of zapping strength from our minds and bodies when we’re going at life hard, on our terms, when we leave God out of our equation. 

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is June 15. On this day, and throughout the month, communities, seniors, caregivers, governments, organizations, and the private sector unite to prevent the mistreatment of and violence against older people. 

Maybe you watched “The Matrix” and enjoyed the far-fetched science fiction where we were all physically connected with cables to computers. Or you loved “Star Trek,” where Picard becomes part of the Borg with a wearable computer connected to his brain.

I attended high school in Orlando and Seminole County. It was the 1970s when I graduated and it was a struggle for me to finish school. I did, but not without the help of many dedicated teachers and a few friends who encouraged me to finish.

From reader M. – I enjoy reading your written observations and insights regarding a variety of topics each week. Many resonate with me, but none more than this week’s topic on being FL friendly. From the moment I stepped foot here in FL back in the Late ’70s and early ’80s, I simply fell in …

They say it’s darkest before dawn; that pocket of time where things appear the bleakest. That stretch of breath before brilliance shines with the light of clarity and hope and relief. 

Advertising has been around for a long time. People and businesses use it to convey information about products and services that people want to offer and receive.

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