Did you know Clermont is getting a new giant box store?

Costco is coming to the area and will join BJs as the second warehouse membership type operation in the area.

At a recent Clermont Planning and Zoning meeting, the board approved a Costco tire center, located at State Road 50 north of Magnolia Pointe.

The big box store’s corporate headquarters hasn’t made any big announcement about the new location, but it’s a safe bet Costco isn’t building a standalone tire center.

Consumers will like the bulk buying experience you can get at Costco. I am a member, too. But I wish they were building 20 more small businesses instead.


Speaking of small businesses, we love them. That’s one of the reasons why we have a newspaper. We like to help small businesses grow and thrive.

During the summer, we are running a special program designed to highlight our local businesses that cater to our local customers.

“We Love Our Locals” is a special program where locally owned businesses can show their appreciation for year-round customers. You know, the customers who are here all year long and help these businesses survive the summer months. The program comes with a special We Love Our Locals logo that helps those businesses stand out in the paper.

If you want to show some of that love, give us a call or see your regular News Leader sales representative.


Small to medium size businesses have a huge impact in our community. They even have a big role to play in how our area looks. Have you seen the new APC Roofing company building on Highway 50?

They took the old building where Jim Willis Hardware was located for years and turned it into a very attractive modern looking building. Just a little piece down the road Clermont Fishhouse did the same thing a few years ago.


A few weeks ago, I shared a story about Jerry Jones from Jones Racing. The auto repair shop has been around for 34 years, and Jerry is a colorful character who knows a lot about Clermont and its history.

I have been driving by the shop every day on my way to work and noticed that it was closed. It was like that all week and I wondered if something bad happened.

So, Friday I pulled in the parking lot and saw a little sign on the front door that read, “Gone Fishing.”

If you know Jerry Jones, then it all makes sense. Hope he caught something.

Jim Gouvellis is the publisher of the Clermont News Leader. You can reach him at jgouvellis@clermontnewsleader.com.

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