ribbon cutting drive the goal

Drive The Goal recently celebrated its grand opening with a South Lake Chamber of Commerce hosted ribbon cutting event.

Drive The Goal offers professional human resources consulting services for all individual career-oriented people, businesses and organizations. They offer career changing resume services, mock interview training, LinkedIn profiles, talent recruitment, staff investigations, staff acquisitions, compensation, benefits, union relations, outplacement, right-sizing, mergers and training for all of your career and business needs.

Sneed notes, “I wanted to create a business that would also help people feel as though they could connect with someone that understood their dreams and could help navigate the complexities of life, business, community and technology,” said Helen G. Sneed, principal partner.

“Besides becoming your outsourced full-serve HR Department, we love to help youth to launch their life and career-oriented goals, while helping experienced professionals with career changes. I love to help youth, the underemployed and those in need, to find a rewarding positive career path and to help them overcome some of life’s most challenging obstacles.”

With over 25 years of professional HR experience, she holds an Executive Master’s Degree in HR with a degree from the University of New Haven, in Connecticut.

Drive The Goal can be reached at 860-977-8155, or email: HGSneed@DriveTheGoal.com and visit www.DriveTheGoal.com

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