Terrific K

(From left) The students are: Gabriel Bell, first grade; Pax Miller, fifth grade; Bear Miller, third grade; Gabriel Stewart (in the back), fifth grade; Lexi Stephenson (in the front), third grade; Aulani Ortega (in the back), fifth grade; Samarah Collado (in the middle), PK4; Lucas Thanicatt (in the front), kindergarten; Giullia Duarte (in the back), fourth grade; Gian Medina (in the front), second grade; Zoe Johnson (in the middle), second grade; Ella Lyons (in the front), PK3; Ryley Diana (in the back), fourth grade; Lillian Hoch (in the front), first grade; and Ezekiel Griffiths (far right), kindergarten.

(From left) Advisors in the back row are Bobbi Holmes, Thom Battisto, Joscelyn Hernandez.

Students from kindergarten through the 5th grade at Real Life Christina Academy were recognized recently with a ceremony acknowledging their accomplishments.

Terrific Kids is a Kiwanis sponsored program that supports character building and recognizes students for modifying their behavior to become the best of who they are.

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