KISSISSIMME — Your adventure begins when your party knocks three times on the door and says the “secret password” to allow them entry into the world of Al Capone’s Gangland Chicago in 1931.

You are escorted to your table in the speakeasy showroom to enjoy an evening that includes a delicious four-course Italian meal, unlimited beverages and a fabulously funny musical stage production.

Handsome mobsters and gorgeous dames shine in their Prohibition best. There are non-stop surprises, a gangster shootout and a hilarious ending in store.

This show is very audience-interactive and suitable for all ages. You can purchase general admission or VIP tickets. VIP tickets allow you to enter the speakeasy about 90 minutes early with no waiting in line. You receive premium drinks, front row seating and a souvenir gift.

Pre-COVID-19, the dinner was a full buffet. Now it is a four-course dinner ordered from the menu. The choices are many and include different types of pasta, lasagna, pizza and even chicken parmesan. The food is good and the portions are large.

Our waiter, Bull, kidded around with us in his gangster style, but he kept the non-alcoholic beverages coming. We each had one premium adult beverage, as someone had to drive back to the hotel!

In addition to your entrée, you receive a house salad, fried mozzarella sticks appetizer and dessert. Unlimited beverages include a variety of sodas, iced tea, lemonade, coffee, beer, wine and select cocktails. There are even kiddy cocktails for those not quite old enough to drink!

If you want to be an even bigger part of the action, you can purchase flapper accessories, fedoras, t-shirts and other mobster type items in the well-stocked gift shop.

While everyone is finishing up their dinner, the host comes on stage to welcome you and warn everyone about those “coppers” who keep sneaking around looking for bootleg liquor. The dancers come on stage to do a few numbers to get the crowd in the spirit of the evening.

The stars of the show are Miss Bunny June, Fingers Salvatorio (Bunny’s man) and Miss Jewel (the hostess). They are joined by dancers Babs and Bubbles and Detective Marvel.

Miss Bunny June needs to keep an eye on her man, Fingers, as he likes the ladies and the big dice games. Miss Jewel and the dancers tell their story in song. They all have to watch for the snoopy Detective Marvel.

The surprises at the end are hilarious. You won’t be sorry you made the trip to Kissimmee to enjoy this dinner show. Performances are in the evening, so staying the night in a local hotel is usually the best way to go. If you stay right on Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, there are plenty of hotels, and you don’t have to go into Orlando proper.

Be sure to call or check online before you book your tickets. They frequently run a 50% off special, making this a great bargain. Trip Advisor has awarded them a Certificate of Excellence for eight straight years.

The site offers plenty of free parking and amble restrooms, and the location is handicapped accessible.

Capone’s Dinner Show is located at 4740 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway in Kissimmee.

For reservations, visit or call 800-220-8428.

As they say at Capone’s, “Bring your gang and join our family!”

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