Jim Gouvellis, Publisher

Jim Gouvellis, Publisher

A hometown newspaper is many things to many people.

The News Leader has been serving this community since the 1980s, largely due to the support of people like you.

In the past few months the News Leader has implemented a few changes in its quest to transform into a better news and advertising product that meets the needs of an ever-changing Clermont area.

One area that we are working hard on is community engagement. You have probably noticed that we have more weekly columns from community and government stakeholders like the mayor of Clermont, the sheriff and community leaders.

But it’s not just the bigwigs we are reaching out to for community conversation. We have welcomed and published more letters to the editor than ever before. In fact, we love letters to the editor, even if they are from people who don’t agree with us. The more the merrier, I say. 

So, if you have something on your mind, send us a letter. Don’t worry if you don’t fancy yourself a writer, we will edit and help with all those pesky punctuation marks and such. 

We also think everyone has a story to tell and we often reach out to readers and ask them to tell their stories.

Last week’s coverage of the September 11 anniversary is a good example of our readers submitting their personal stories. We hope to reach out in the near future and ask for more personal stories just like those.

We also think readers need more information about the important everyday events that affect their lives.

That’s why we have added more police and crime news to our weekly report.

Crime is not the happiest topic to report but citizens need to know if they live in a safe community and what their government officials are doing to keep them safe.

We plan on expanding our government coverage to include more city and county news soon. 

We are alway looking for talented writers to help us do that. If you are one of those people, drop me a line and we can talk about how you can help keep the residents of the Clermont area informed.

Providing news is just one thing a local paper does to help make its community better. Helping the business community grow and thrive is another.

In recent weeks we have added several affordable ways for local merchants to connect with their customers both in print and online.

Our Search Boost program gives merchants a cool way to reach their target customers in the paper and on the web.


The program gives their print ad a Google presence every day. For just a dollar a day, a merchant’s print ad shows up on the first or second page of a Google search when people search for their business or category.

With 36,000 readers in print and countless online viewers who access Google, that’s a pretty formidable ad buy.

I love ideas, especially when they help make our paper and community better. If you think you have an idea that would do that, email me and we can chat about it. One reader came in from Trilogy last week and signed up for our free home delivery in his community and told us he loved the paper but wished the Sudoku puzzle was a little easier. 

“Some people like them easy, some people like them harder,” he told me. As a result we are working on adding an additional puzzle for our readers who don’t consider themselves “seasoned sudoku-ers.”

We love Clermont, our readers and are open to suggestions and constructive criticism.

Thanks for reading!

Jim Gouvellis is the Publisher of the Clermont News Leader. You can reach him at jgouvellis@clermontnewsleader.com

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