The News Leader welcomes input from the community in response to articles, photos and editorials that appear, or on topics of interest. 

To have your letter considered, our policy is as such: The News Leader reserves the right to edit all submissions for purposes of clarification and clarity; grammar and spelling; and will follow guidelines as presented by the Associated Press stylebook. 

Writers will refrain from name-calling, as well as attacks upon private individuals; issues with public figures will be monitored. The same applies to businesses. For example, letters that mention a business in a negative tone will not appear, as the operator of the business has no means to defend themselves. (In other words, do not use letters to the editor as a forum to complain about poor service, etc.)

 People submitting letters to the editor are asked to limit word total to approximately 250 words and on a single topic. Those writing will be limited to no more than two letters to the editor per month. 

All letters must include the name of the person, the community resided, and a phone number; the phone number (nor an email address, nor a street address) will be published. It is for the purpose of verifying who has written. 

The Letters to the Editor section is designed as a public forum for community discourse. The opinions and statements made in the letters are solely those of the write and the News Leader takes no responsibility to the content of these letters.

Please send or bring correspondence to the News Leader, 637 Eight St., Clermont, FL 34711; or email Managing Editor Steve Steiner at:, or:

The News Leader looks forward hearing from you.

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