You get the recently held Candy Cane Lane Holiday Craft and Gift Show.

If you were in downtown Clermont Saturday, Nov. 13, you would have found it a beehive of activity, as an estimated 15,000 people swarmed the streets, abuzz with excitement.

Slated to start at 10 a.m., vendors were busy setting up hours before then, and even before the official opening, people were already filling the streets, having first arrived to get good parking spaces and looking to purchase items literally tied in to Christmas, or for items to give as presents.

There were people of all ages, some festively garbed in T-shirts and other garb announcing one sort or another of the holiday season, primarily Christmas. There were children running from one vendor to another. Of course, there were a number of people accompanied by furry four-legged companions “paw”-trolling the streets.  

At one booth , at the corner of Montrose Street and 8th Street, Ben Ernest treated he and his wife’s 2-year-old son, Oliver, to a new taste sensation: cotton candy. 

“It’s his first time eating cotton candy,” Ben said. By the look on his face, Oliver appeared to be enjoying the sensation. The look on the faces of his parents indicated they, too, were pleased. 

Further up Montrose Street, headed toward city hall, it was hard to maneuver, as people quite often were side-to-side one another. As they made their way, they were entertained by saxophonist Jay Guess, who often appears at these events put on by the Clermont Downtown Partnership. 

This year’s Candy Cane Lane proved to be almost too popular, By the scheduled 4 p.m., conclusion, organizers had to literally “shoo” people away, including the vendors.

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