David Dunn-Rankin

David Dunn-Rankin

We want to believe Republicans and Democrats are working hard up in D.C. to find the next set of solutions to this crisis.

But our public servants are not in Washington, D.C. They declared themselves a four-week spring break holiday and won’t even arrive back in Washington, D.C., till May 4. The sharpest economic downturn in 90 years, and your US senators and congressman are on vacation.

This is the biggest economic fire in three generations. Yet Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell bicker and then take a little break while Main Street burns.

Our government created this uncontrolled economic wildfire by doing poorly planned and poorly executed preventive burns to control the Coronavirus.

Now our small business communities are watching their life savings burn to a crisp because of government malpractice by both Democrats and Republicans.

Our economic house is on fire. But Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi refuse to send every available fire truck. They knowingly create crimps in the hose so that too little water is being hosed on the fire.

There is a solution.

Hey Democrats. Go big. The Republicans want to put more money into the eight-week Payroll Protection Program for small business. That’s small thinking. Tell America the Democratic Party is the party of the working people.

Add the money to the Payroll Protection Program the Republicans want but also stretch the program to 16 weeks. Invest the money in small businesses, so small businesses can pay their employees, so their employees don’t have to go on unemployment. The amount of money required is the same as sending unemployment checks. However, by paying the small businesses to keep people on payroll, until we recover, there is a business to come back to on Aug. 1.

Hey Republicans, go bigger. The Democrats want money for our hospitals. Our hospitals, the ones we count on to save us, need saving. As an example – Sarasota Memorial has experienced a 50 percent drop in surgeries, a 45 percent drop in emergency care centers visits, a drop of 66 percent in business in their seven urgent care centers. Sarasota Memorial lost $16 million in March.

The Republican Party is the party that loves American heroes. Embrace our hospitals as our superheroes. Propose a bigger hospital rescue package than the Democrats.

This the biggest blaze in our lifetimes. Too many fire trucks are still in the stations because Republicans and Democrats would rather fight over who controls the water hose than save Main Street. Then, when they reached a stalemate in the argument, instead of going back to the drawing board, they went on vacation.

This monstrous blaze is consuming our economic house. Republicans and Democrats are sitting, making s’mores as small businesses and livelihoods are burning down to ashes.

Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell, you have an obligation to your party, but you have a higher obligation to your country. Get back to work.