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Polk County’s “Weekend Work Release” is an alternative sentencing program offered by the Polk County Jail. 

Instead of serving  jail time, sentenced individuals may be eligible to serve their sentence on the weekends so that they do not miss any work, possibly keep their job and do something beneficial for the community.

Haines City Police Chief Jim Elensky, who is serving as interim city manager, has reached an agreement with the Polk County Sheriff's Office's "Inmate Work Program" to help clean up Haines City. 

Rather than going to jail, the Inmate Work Program allows those sentenced to serve their time on the weekends by doing community service projects. Inmates began working in Haines City on Sunday, July 25, and will frequently pick up trash in the city on weekends moving forward. To complement this beautification project, over that same weekend, business owner and CRA Advisory Board member Iris Padilla, Commissioner Jayne Hall and a team of volunteers from the Polk County Caribbean American Business Group took it upon themselves to provide a little tender, love and care.  The group grabbed their paint supplies and went to work.

"There are great things going on in our city and we're going to prioritize making it aesthetically pleasing as well," Elensky said. "Our city has long had a great working relationship with the Polk County Sheriff's Office and I'm proud we were able to work together on this quality-of-life initiative."

According to the Polk County Sheriff's Office, inmates picked up about 40 bags of trash on Sunday, July 25. That was in addition to other large items such as piping and sheet metal.

The Inmate Work Program will add to the beautification of Haines City at no cost to the residents of Haines City. 

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