Chief Parker and John Drage

Davenport Mayor H.B. “Rob” Robinson announced during Tuesday (Jan. 17) night’s Davenport City

Commission meeting that he would not be seeking reelection which his term expires in April.

“I am not going to run for reelection,” said Robinson. “I think that at 83 years old, I’ve done my job. It’s

been a wonderful trip, a wonderful job. I thank everyone for being with me and for offering me the

opportunity to be here.”

The panel of Davenport commissioners thanked Robinson for his many years of service to Davenport, in

a variety of capacities.

“I want to commend you on your service to the residents of Davenport specifically,” said Vice Mayor

Brynn Summerlin. “I know that you took the mayorship reluctantly at a time that the city needed you

when we were dealing with a black eye. Your efforts for this city are commendable.”

Davenport Police Chief Steve Parker recognized Sergeant John Drage as the Employee of the Quarter.

“He always puts the needs of the agency and the needs of his peers ahead of his own needs,” Parker

said of Drage.

City Manager Kelly Callihan gave an update on the delayed delivery status of five new police vehicles

that were previously approved, noting that the city now has a contingency plan if the order continues to

be delayed.

Callihan also reported that the city’s “Taste of Davenport” event is now up to 27 participating


Commissioner Bobby Lynch was absent from the meeting.

All agenda items, most of which dealt with rezoning classifications, land use amendments or voluntary

annexations, were approved by a unanimous 4-0 vote.

The next Davenport City Commission meeting is scheduled for Feb. 6 at 7 p.m.

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