Davenport PD-FD Foggers

A member of the Davenport Fire Department uses the Air Guard fogger to sanitize a fire truck.

DAVENPORT – The Davenport Fire and Police Departments have taken an additional step in maintaining the safety of staff members and residents during the pandemic.

The departments recently began to use Air Guard, an anti-bacterial solution that, once sprayed, becomes a sanitizing fog that forms a protective layer on all exposed surfaces and objects. This helps to inhibit bacterial growth in the city’s buildings and vehicles.

“The main purpose of using it is to kill COVID-19, but it also takes care of a variety of bacteria, yeast, fungi and viruses,” said Davenport Fire Chief J.T. Torrence.

Once a week, the foggers are used in every room of the fire and police department buildings, as well as in every fire truck, police cruiser and other fleet vehicles.

“We fog everything for a specific period of time, depending on how big the area is,” Torrence said.

The time needed to emit the fog is relatively short. For example, vehicles only require five seconds or so. A 20-foot-by-20-foot room needs approximately 10 seconds, according to Torrence.

The formula is also effective in air conditioner vents when it is used in rooms.

“The machine is set up in the middle of the room and the user just hits the remote,” Torrence explained.

Both departments remind residents to use masks or face shields, just like they do.

“The average person might view this as extreme, but they should realize that this protects both ways,” Torrence said. “They (residents) aren’t thinking about where we just came from. So, these measures protect them, as well.”

The departments continue to look for new ways to protect the first responders as well as residents.