HAINES CITY – The taste of Jersey has come to town.

Jersey Boyz Cafe is a new restaurant in downtown Haines City and serves breakfast and lunch all day.

With specialty sandwiches to enjoy like “The Turnpike” — a delicious melt of ham, egg and cheese with mayo on toasted sourdough bread — or “The Jersey Shore” — a tuna and cheese melt on sourdough bread — the cafe’s owners say customers leave full and happy with change in their pockets.

Since its opening only weeks ago on Dec. 7, the restaurant has already earned a reputation for its food and service. The owner, Ron Chirichello, said Haines City is home to him and his family and that is why they chose to open their business in town.

He said he preferred the downtown area, as opposed to a location on Highway 27.

“I actually like the downtown area, the homey feel,” Chirichello said. “We don’t have a lot of areas like this in Jersey – I love the feeling.”

From pork rolls to cheesesteaks to hot dogs and waffles, the cafe also has a wide variety of wraps, sandwiches, and subs and more and is still fine tuning the menu. There is also a soup of the day and weekly specials.

“We offer breakfast and lunch all day long,” he said. “Our waffles are the bomb — and everything is made to order.”

Nothing on the menu is priced more than $7.50.

“One regular told me we weren’t charging enough for our food,” Chirichello said. “But I want my customers to be able to enjoy the savings.”

At the beginning of the year, he opened another restaurant in Kissimmee but, due to the pandemic, it was closed. Still, he said he wasn’t nervous about opening a new restaurant again. “I’m not worried about COVID,” he said. “I feel confident that things will work out.”

Customers order at the counter, have a seat and, once the food is prepared, it is taken to the table.

In addition to ordering in person, orders may be placed online, and delivery is available through Jersey Boyz. Curbside pickup is also available.

New Jersey’s food identity comes from the state's long immigrant history and its proximity to both New York City and Philadelphia.

The restaurant is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. The cafe is closed on Sundays so the employees may spend time with their families.

For more information, visit jerseyboyzcafe.com or facebook.com/jerseyboyzcafe.