City of Haines City staff announced last week that residents — and their four-legged companions — would soon be able to enjoy a municipal dog park.

Haines City recently acquired a 1.07-acre parcel of land in its downtown corridor. The site address is 0 Lily Avenue East and is slated to become the new home to the Ember Dog Park.

According to the announcement, made on social media, preliminary plans are in place, with surveying, mapping, and topographic studies being conducted. The initial plan consists of a small and large dog park with basic amenities.

Stephanie Lewis, the city’s Communications & Marketing Manage, said the projected timeline for the dog park is six-to-nine months.

Ember Dog Park will be Haines City's first dog park.

In 2017, a Parks and Recreation Master Plan was concluded and its findings contained a dog park, which residents responded positively toward. According to Lewis, there has been a great deal of interest in a dog park ever since.

“The issue has always been finding an appropriate location,” Lewis said. “After acquiring this property, the City was thrilled to turn it into a dog park and add it to our Parks & Recreation inventory for our community and their furbabies.”

For those who did not know Ember, she was rescued by the Haines City Fire Department in 2012.

As an integral part of their family, she lived at the fire station for many years. Ember, who has since passed, will have her memory honored through the naming of Haines City’s first dog park.

“She was a very special pup, not only to the Fire Department, but also to many other City employees and anyone visiting the station,” Lewis explained. “She was loved by many!”