Grady Judd

Sheriff Grady Judd

You know you are going to have a bad day when Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd personally pulls you over for driving 100-plus miles per hour on Interstate 4.

“I clocked one at 102 on the interstate a few weeks ago,” Judd told Polk County commissioners on July 12.

Judd and his staff charged Alvaro Rodriguez of Orlando with unlawful speed on June 6.

Rodriguez was pulled over on the eastbound Polk Parkway ramp near Polk City according to Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Brian Bruchey.

“This isn’t Mayberry anymore,” Commissioner Neil Combee said.

Combee jokingly referred to fellow Commissioner Rick Wilson, who was a Winston Cup NASCAR driver back in the day.

“I don't have the skills or the nerves that I once had,” Combee said. “Old Trick Wilson can get down through there and be alright, but it makes me nervous.”

The sheriff said Rodriguez was driving a lot faster than 102, weaving in and out of traffic, but got clocked with radar at 102.

“The high last week was 107,” Judd said. “There are people driving like maniacs out there.”

The sheriff said many are taken to jail for driving recklessly on Interstate 4.

“It's unbelievable what we see out there, unbelievable,” Judd said. “It is out of control. So I highly recommend that you don't drive on I-4 unless you absolutely have to, and then make sure you have your rosary in one hand.”

Arraignment for Rodriguez is Aug. 8 in front of Judge Christine Daly.

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