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Polk County Sheriff’s Office staff are seeking qualified men and women in various locations in Polk County who desire to work as substitute crossing guards.

The locations include: Lakeland, Bartow, Fort Meade, Haines City and Davenport.

The substitute should be available to work for one hour in the morning and for 30 minutes in the afternoon when scheduled to work a crossing.

Anyone interested in applying for a position in Lakeland, Bartow or Fort Meade should contact Supervisor Heather Strafford at (863) 534-7300 ext. 108.

Anyone interested in applying for a position in Haines City or Davenport, contact Supervisor Courtney Connell at (863) 534-7300 ext. 109.

School Crossing Guard services are provided by the Polk County Sheriff's Office, through funds provided by the Polk County Board of County Commissioners. This vital program provides adult crossing guards at selected hazardous school crossings to ensure the safety of elementary school children walking to and from school.