Wood and Stain DIY

Crafters can make signs of all sorts with the to-go packets.

DAVENPORT — Carolyn Drumm, the owner of Wood and Stain DIY Wood Shop, is attempting to turn the current “safer-at-home” order into a positive for her business and some residents trying to navigate the unique situation.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses deemed not to be essential including Drumm’s — and have had their doors closed for what has become several weeks.

Wood and Stain DIY Wood Shop is the first of its kind in the area and, since it opened, Drumm says she has been excited about helping guests with their creative ideas.

The shop, located in Posner Park, specializes in wood projects — particularly signage for the home — designed by the DIYers themselves.

So, in an effort to create some cash flow for the business located in Posner Park, Drumm put her thinking cap on.

“I thought, ‘if other businesses could open for customers to get their product to go — like restaurants — why not me too?’” she explained.

So, for the past week or so, she has been creating DIY “to-go” kits. The kits are ordered online from a selection of different sayings or themes and can vary from Easter greetings, to other holiday themes, to favorite sayings such as “Live, Love and Laugh.”

Artists can choose one stain color, or the background, and two colors, or more, to paint the design onto the stain that is applied to a piece of round or square wood.

Drumm said she sees the idea as a win-win situation.

“The sales help me and the projects give people who must stay at home something to do,” she said. “It is something constructive.”

She said that crafters of all ages can do the projects.

“I’d say starting about age 7 to (age) 120 can make them,” Drumm said. “And it doesn’t matter if you are artistic or not — they come with directions and are simple to complete.”

Once the order is placed online and paid for, Drumm goes about creating the kit and then sets up a time for pick-up. Crafters can pull up out front of the store and Drumm will be happy to bring it to the car for a curbside delivery.

The kits are $30 each, or two for $50, and contain everything needed to complete the project.

Learn more at www.woodandstaindiy.com.