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I can’t understand why some people have pets, when they don’t care to take care of the pets.

An arrest was made this week of a Winter Haven man who had five dogs in his backyard, one adult and four pups. Based on what detectives found when they went to his home, it appeared that he had very little interest in the dogs.

One of the pups had recently died prior to the detectives’ arrival. The dogs were covered in fleas, the food and water bowls were empty, and the adult dog had a tight chain around its neck that had cut into the skin. In fact, the chain became embedded in the skin as the wounds would start to heal.

The dogs were surrendered to the PCSO Animal Control section, and were taken to the shelter. One puppy had to be euthanized, and the adult dog required surgery to have the chain removed.

Fortunately, the adult dog is recovering nicely, and the two surviving pups have already been adopted to good homes.

The owner of the dog was arrested and charged with Felony Animal Abuse.

We only found out about these dogs because someone saw something and said something.

If you ever see animals being neglected or abused, please let us know. If you’re able to get pictures or video of it, even better.

And if you’re going to keep an animal, care for it.

Be responsible — feed it, shelter it and keep it healthy.