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During an emergency, every second counts and any kind of delay could mean the difference between life and death.

When deputies, officers, firefighters or paramedics are rushing to the scene of an emergency, the last thing they need is trouble finding the address for where they are responding.

This is a problem that still happens — and often. And it really doesn’t need to, either, because it’s a quick and simple fix.

Address numbers are most effective near the road at the entrance to a property, like on a mailbox, post, fence, or utility pole. The numbers should be large, easy to read, made of a reflective material and visible from both directions on the roadway.

Even if the property isn’t used as a residence, it is still advisable to have the address marked.

If someone was injured while farming, tending to livestock or performing landscape work, first responders are still going to have to reach the victim immediately.

Address markers could also help a stranded motorist who needs to provide their location for road-side assistance or a tow.

Perhaps you already have your address marked near the road, let this serve as a reminder to check out your marker; make sure the numbers are still present and reflect light, and there is nothing like mold formed over them, or that they are concealed by weeds or branches.

Marking your address by the roadway is a somewhat simple task, and a rather inexpensive one at that. There’s really no good excuse for not having one.