As we are all monitoring and taking precautions relating to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, please remember a few things — there are going to be rumors and fake claims being made on social media and elsewhere.

Let’s all keep a calm, cool head and don’t accept at face value bizarre claims — check them out for accuracy with local government officials.

We all want to keep a sense of humor and an upbeat attitude during this time, but please, avoid making false claims or creating hoaxes or crude jokes about COVID-19. People “fake-coughing” or making fake claims about having the virus only spreads panic and unnecessary worry.

You might have heard about the Utah Jazz basketball player who thought that it would be amusing to act like he had the virus, then started touching the reporters’ microphones. It seemed at the time to be a harmless joke — but then he learned that he really was infected with the virus.

He has since apologized, and even pledged to donate $500,000 to an employee fund and local health care services.

We need to take the virus seriously, exercise social distancing, stay away from group gatherings, and practice good anti-virus hygiene — washing our hands frequently, using hand sanitizer and avoid touching your face.

This is a historical moment that is essentially affecting everyone across the globe in one way or another.

We will all get through this and come out stronger and wiser on the other side of this epidemic.

Stay safe, help those in need, and please follow sound medical advice and emergency declarations from our local, state and federal government partners.