Spring brings lighter, longer days and more activity — but also more noise. Here are some out-of-left-field sources of damaging noise.


Awareness of your surroundings is essential for a safe ride. Though hearing loss starts at 85 decibels (dB), engine noise can hit 100 dB while riding, and at that level, the exposure limit before damage is only 15 minutes.

Home Improvement

According to the CDC, wood or metal shops and power tools can also hit 100 dB. With hand drills hitting 98 dB, power mowers 107 dB, and power saws 110 dB, it’s all too easy to incur hearing damage in your shed or shop.

Public Transportation

The squeal and grind of light rails, trains, and even buses have the potential to damage the hearing of daily riders because of constant exposure to noise. Plus, those waiting for bus or train rides are exposed to potential traffic on busy streets, which can reach levels of 100 dB or more.


Convertibles leave ears exposed to the dangerous noise levels of the road. An October 2009 study found that driving some convertibles at speeds between 50 and 70 miles per hour exposed drivers to noise levels of 88 to 90 dB — into that danger zone beyond 85 dB.

Watching Sports

It’s easy to forget how loud your surroundings are when you’re at a stadium or sports bar. But many generate crowd noise dangerous enough to damage hearing. In 2014, Seattle’s CenturyLink Field posted a decibel record of 137.6, enough to cause permanent damage in 30 seconds.


Concert noise levels can register upward of 100 dB and last for hours, potentially causing sudden or gradual hearing loss that’s temporary or permanent.

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