There are many facets to 2020 and how COVID-19 affected each one of us … but one facet I see is a blank page.

Before us was a vacancy none of us envisioned for ourselves, our nation and the world … which was easily filled with tears, dismay, wonderings and fear.

But almost immediately, the blank page began to fill up with heroes who … as I’ve heard firefighters say, “Most people run away from burning buildings, we run into them!”

So, into the ‘fire’ ran our doctors, nurses, technicians, first responders, police, fire fighters and all other personnel who formed a cohesive and skilled team to fight this monster disease. Gradually, the blank page was not only being filled with heroes but, also, with hope.

Sometimes the picture presented by scientists wasn’t very clear as even their blank page produced more possibilities than solutions. And we longed for one voice to dominate and tell us what we needed to do.

Quite simply the plan to wash hands, don’t touch your face, wear masks and social distance became the ‘norm’ and found acceptance and adherence for the most part.

And, now we are closer than ever to more specific therapeutics and a vaccine. The blank page is filling up with hope that is borne of faith.

And that is how I saw something this morning in my devotional time with the Lord.

I enjoy writing in my journal often, even daily. Today, as I turned to my bookmarked page, I reflected that here sat a blank page. What to write? How to express myself to my Father in heaven (for each page is really a prayer or prayers from my heart to his).

And, so, I stared at the blank page and contemplated its meaning for me this morning. How would I fill it?

However, I had already lifted praise, adoration, requests and heartfelt needs to the Lord. Rewriting them seemed unnecessary. My needs were already in my Father’s hands.

“Give all your worries and cares to God,” says 1 Peter 5:7 NLT “for he cares about you.”

I’d done that and realized without writing a word, my requests had reached the safest place they could be and belonged … the heart of God.

Now, it was my turn. Would I leave them there? Would my response be to rest in his love and care for me and those I had prayed for?

Would my faith in the Lord nourish the hope in my heart?

It was time to simply trust, stay alert and watch what my sovereign God would do with my blank page. Selah