I'll leave it to the history books whether shutting down the state for this long was worth the economic destruction it has caused to millions of Floridians.

When you order people that they can't go to work or shut down their business as non-essential you are basically responsible to help those people affected. Florida has completely failed in total neglect with its unemployment system.

The money the CARES Act approved was to provide as enhanced payment through the unemployment system would help many small businesses and self-employed keep going until they would be able to open and do business in the future. But, without any help, tens or hundreds of thousands of these businesses will never open again; the jobs they provided gone forever.

Tourism won't be back soon, the way it was in Florida. So, every business is essential.

You should have been doing everything you could to get the unemployment checks out and the enhanced $600 a week check out as soon as possible to help many small businesses survive and save people from getting so far behind on their rent/mortgage payments so not to lose their homes/business eventually. Instead of continuing the charade with your failed website and unemployment system.

Instead, you shut down offices, which those people could have been trained quickly to process claims.

I hope the lawyers are chomping at the bit for this incompetence.

Let us work now or send us the money to survive. We are desperate!

Mike McWilliams