So you do not want me to vote for Donald Trump. OK then, give me an alternative. The package you are offering has "Death to America" written all over it. I am not heavy into politics, but I have travelled in many parts of this world and know what we (USA) have and know through a study of history (secular and Biblical) the price that was paid to obtain it.

I am not a Trump fan, but any honest person cannot deny what has been accomplished by his leadership. Yes, he talks too much, but I was always taught that if you can do it, it is not bragging. What has this package you are offering as an alternative accomplished for the good of the American people?

You need to take a good look at what comes with this alternative package. There is a lot of baggage hooked to it. Note carefully if you can bear to watch the "convention." You will see a clear picture of the baggage attached to the package clearly marked "Death to America."

Frank Parker