How does a letter writer know the age of Mr. Arceo's "attackers"? Couldn't they be his age, young adults, middle aged persons? Why are they old and bitter? Would he be attacking people because of their age?

Wisdom is a product of experience and studies have shown that wisdom does really come with age. Older people make better decisions than teens and younger adults, who tend to be too impulsive.

Oftentimes people from the older generation did not finish school because of tragedies. Death or illness of a parent would cause a child to quit school and go to work to support himself and/or the family. The following are a few persons from the older generation who did not finish school: George Foreman, Aretha Franklin, Nicole Kidman, Ben Franklin, Walt Disney, Charles Dickens, and former Presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Grover Cleveland, Andrew Johnson and Zachary Taylor.

Mr. Arceo's column title very obviously refers to his age. I do not see him being attacked specifically for his age or ideas, or denigrated, dehumanized, discredited or that he be denied his freedom of speech and the press. More so disagreed with, his manner of presentation, his negativism and how his "Viewpoints" have changed to mostly political opinions. He judges the merits and faults of local and national government and officials, calling it his form of holding the government accountable. Government is accountable to the people who elected it.

I doubt he is as wise in the world as are the more senior. Wisdom is only something that develops with age. Some things are better with age, e.g., cheese, wine, whiskey, antiques, trees, friendships. Adults tend to become more agreeable, conscientious, and emotionally resilient as they age and negative traits seem to decline.

I rarely read his column in its entirety. His writings do not pique my interest and lack wit, flair and style. He is not fully aware of his audience, mainly adults. There are too many criticisms and references to his constitutional rights, and his academic and other achievements. Yawn. However he has generated a lot of activity in the Letters to the Editor column, which I do read and enjoy. Congrats, you made my morning rosier!

Kim Johnson