I have a suggestion for everyone's favorite seafood restaurant as it prepares to reopen for business at 25% capacity on Monday, May 4th. Take reservations for each hour you're open, up to the 25% level, then fill in with walk-ins, if necessary. That way, there won't be 100 disgruntled people lined up outside after being told there is no more room.

When I called to try to get a reservation, I was told that they aren't taking them and that diners can just hang around outside until an opening exists. When I explained that I'm driving 110 miles round trip and don't want the prospect of being turned away, I was essentially told "tough."

Outside dining with the smokers was offered as a consolation prize. No thanks.

It's time restaurants realize that the "new normal" includes new, customer-friendly business practices, like taking reservations. It only makes sense, for everybody.

My wife and I have been eating fish at (this restaurant) twice a month for years. But, I refuse to drive up there from Sebring only to be told they are at 25% capacity and the wait is two hours. Come on, Martin, take reservations. It only makes sense.

Ron Carmony