I met Tommy after I became water department manager at Sebring Utilities in 1978. He was beginning to develop Golf Hammock Community and Country Club and wanted to extend Sebring city water to serve the development. We were able to serve Golf Hammock plus other nearby subdivisions, including Sebring Hill.s

He and I became good friends during this time and after I left Sebring Utilities, we formed a partnership and purchased a water utility company. I later bought his portion of the business.

Tommy was not only a good business man but a hard worker. Several times I saw him in a ditch helping construction workers install water or sewer lines.

After he retired, I would occasionally visit him at his home in Golf Hammock. We would share experiences together over the years.

He once shared an experience he had during World War II. He was wounded during an assault on a hill. He never came home but after he healed, he insisted on and rejoined his unit. Many years later after the war, he and some guys from his former unit went back and revisited the hill where he was wounded. He said everything had changed and he never recognized it.

Tommy was a very successful businessman and truly an American hero. I owe Tommy a deep debt of gratitude for starting me down the road to a successful business but most of all for his friendship over the years.

Howard Short