‘Accomplishments’ are alarming

In response to a couple of Highlands New-Sun readers’ incessant rants that attempt to vilify President Trump, it’s time to list the Democrats’ list of accomplishments during this crisis.

1) Insist that churches and gun stores be closed, but liquor stores be kept open

2) Keep abortion clinics open for business, because they are “essential”

3) Release felons from prison to “protect” them

4) Arrest law-abiding, God-fearing citizens for sitting in cars on their church parking lot while listening to a sermon on the radio

5) Insist that illegal aliens be subsidized in the stimulus package

6) Insist that The Kennedy Center and other “arts programs” be funded by the stimulus package

7) Insist that the stimulus package include a raise for them and threatened to walk out if it didn’t

8) Follow Pelosi’s lead and refuse to return to Washington DC for work on May 4th, despite President Trump’s request that they do so

9) Continue to “investigate” Trump for a whole host of maniacal reasons

10) Insist that mail-in paper ballots be required for the November election, despite — or most likely because of — the potential for fraud

Now, just this past week, the Democrat mayor of Kansas City has demanded that all churches provide a list of all members’ names, addresses and phone numbers. Failure to do so will result in fines or closure. For those who may not have been taught history or refuse to acknowledge it, Adolf Hitler did the same thing in 1933.

This short list of “accomplishments” should alarm every American citizen, irrespective of political party, race or gender. For, as was written long ago, “Lest the Lord keepeth the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.”

Ron Carmony