Allards awarded yard of the  month

Jim and Ethelene Allard received the Yard of the Month Award presented by the Avon Park Founders Garden Club.

AVON PARK — When Jim and Ethelene Allard moved into their home at 2350 N. Carpenter 10 years ago, there was very little green on the property. Today there are several areas planted with a variety of green things.

The most impressive plant in the yard is an enormous Bismarck palm in the back yard that is visible from the road. Another unusual plant is a bottle palm whose trunk had been inhabited by bees. They were advised to fill the holes made by the bees and hope for the best.

Ethelene has used a variety of blocks, brick and stone to make borders around her plant beds and walkways throughout the yard. One planting bed has bromeliads winding their way up the trunk of an oak tree. In this bed are pots with geraniums and a corn plant. Masonry turtles and frogs have their place in this bed. In another area you can see bright orange epidendrum orchids, croutons, giant bromeliads, dracaena and pygmy date palms.

Another bed is encircled with liriope and contains alamanda, cranberry hibiscus, bougainvillea, jasmine and plumbago. A small area has been planted with a selection of small cacti. There are many more plants in the yard, too numerous to mention.

The Allards were presented with the Yard of the Month Award given by the Avon Park Founders Garden Club. Jim and Ethelene are very civic minded. They planted the hedge alongside the shuffleboard courts in Avon Park.

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