I invite and encourage your readers to allow faith to replace fear. I invite and encourage your readers to allow hope to replace hurt. I invite and encourage your readers to allow love to replace loss.

Whether the issue creating fear, hurt, or loss is the pandemic or the deaths of black men by white police officers or loss of friends, family, and/or livelihoods when businesses were destroyed during a protest that became a riot; love, hope and faith are better life choices than hatred, rage and violence.

Many years ago, I was teaching a group of eighth grade students that included male and female students. Some were black and some were white. The friendships between them had begun in earlier childhood. One morning a decision made in California affected my students in northeast Ohio. Name calling, arguing, angry silence, and clenched fists were very evident. I told my students to stop this out-of-character behavior. Thankfully, the group was small and willing to listen. The decision involved Rodney King and the police.

May each individual affected by the intense news coverage of sad events find a way to look to the future rather than to allow poor choices to multiply.

Georgia Lee Eshelman