I almost missed it!

Tuesday night's TV debate between President Donald Trump (R) and past Vice-President Joseph Biden (D) wasn’t a disaster as most pundits have made it out to be. True, there were times it appeared chaotic and what seemed to be uncontrolled … but in hindsight (hoping for a more civil discussion; i.e. “debate”), I overlooked the big picture. It was never intended to be a nice and well-mannered contest of words between two of opposing politics. Let’s just say it was a dog fight: It was who is most qualified, who is an adept leader and who will serve well the people. Proposed drafts for programs with timetables, budgets, effectiveness and merit was not on either one’s agenda. I think those issues/possible solutions will come in later televised debates.

President Trump and the Republican Party is in lock-step when it comes to protecting the United States from being overthrown by an extreme political left: mainly a socialist-leaning arm of the Democratic Party. He came out swinging and never let up for 90 minutes. He never gave way to the rhetoric embraced by a weak and crumbling Democratic Party or their “chosen” candidate, Joe Biden. He attacked the misleading assertions that the current administration has failed the people. By standing his ground, he countered with the using of common sense and positive action of the present administration. With the use of understandable debate, he laid out the accomplishments advanced during his term in office, a statement of his leadership.

Yes, at first, I was saddened by the outbursts by both debaters and especially President Trump. I hoped, at the very least, he would control his brash and off-times grating language and to be more civil. However, I missed the intent of this debate entirely. I missed the point that he is a leader, is the Commander-in-Chief, and is the President of the United States of America. It is his position to move this country forward in a safe, rational, and noble way; assuring the Constitution as it is written is the rule of law, and always putting the people first in all things. So, I did miss it, I did miss one of the most important things during the debate … President Trump must continue to lead this county forward. He has put the best interest of this country and its people as his priority. My hope is that he continues to guide our country in the future.

God bless President Donald Trump and the United States of America!

Barry Rehbein

Lake Placid