We are living in a time in America like never before when adults are telling children that you can change your gender. Some young people are being given hormones to block their God-given gender. Some are having radical surgery to remove perfectly healthy sexual organs. Some adults want to prevent the child from being told the truth about his or her gender. However, the DNA in every cell of our body confirms our God-given gender.

Many of us are asking, what direction is America going? I would like to share some of the differences that I see in America over the 81 years since I was born in rural Colorado 1939. Many today would have called my family impoverished. No running water, no electricity, no inside plumbing, but our home, as many homes in America, had harmony. In a relational way we were wealthy.

Our parents had stable marriages, and the home was pleasant and wholesome. Mothers were at home; they were homemakers. They directed their energy toward the marriage and together the mother and the father attended to the needs of the children. The home was a good place for the next generation.

At Christmas time at school our program involved reading from Luke 2 and singing hymns like “Joy To The World The Lord Is Come.” The ladies dressed modestly. If a strap on her shoulder was accidentally revealed, or if her slip was accidentally showing it was cause for great embarrassment.

Respect for God and marriage was the norm. When I was a youngster we left the key to the the car in the ignition day and night, at home or in town. This was common in many American communities. Nor did we lock our home. I don’t know if we had a key. Some years later we did lock our home.

At that time there were many hostile nations as there are today. Pearl Harbor was attacked Dec. 7, 1941. We looked to God for help. On the radio our president led our nation in prayer for the protection and success of our troops.

TV was not available until later and then it was family friendly; so young people were not bombarded with trashy TV.

America has been changing. America is now at a tipping point. I agree with those who say that if the Left is successful in November, America will never recover.

I don’t know what will happen in November, but I am confident when we love God and we love one another, that this is the best for everyone.

I am also confident that I, and every person, will come to a time when we will see our Lord face-to-face. I have repented and accepted Christ’s forgiveness for my sins, and I know I will be with Him forever.

God gives each of us a choice between Heaven and Hell. I wouldn’t want anyone to miss the joy of living for Jesus here on earth and to be with Him forever!

Dr. Virgil Ullom is a resident of Babson Park. Guest columns are the opinion of the writer, not necessarily that of the Highlands News-Sun.