America moving forward

President Joseph R. Biden has accomplished much for which our country should be grateful. In the 10 months he has been in office, three things stand out as significant accomplishments.

History will record that President Biden’s withdrawal from the Afghanistan quagmire will place him among our beloved country’s greatest presidents.

Following the failure of his predecessor, Biden advanced a long promised infrastructure law through the needless mazes and roadblocks set up by the minority leaders of the House and Senate. Biden’s 47 years as senator, vice president and president proved that the value of a long career in Washington cannot be overestimated. At last, we will have upgrades to our highways, railways, airports and our outdated air traffic control system. As we all pay in as a community, we should be excited by the improvements that will result.

After the damage created by the prior administration to longstanding international relations, vitally important allies are relieved and reassured that America still stands with them. NATO, the free world’s backstop against Communism, is once again on an even keel.

Despite the havoc Biden inherited, our country has made impressive progress. America is moving forward.

Horace Markley

Sebring, FL

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