Another attempt to destroy America’s Constitution by the United Nations. The United Nations is controlled by global powers. The United Nations Small Arms Treaty has been the gun control lobby’s crown jewel for decades. They’re not giving up just because President Trump announced his opposition. In fact, they plan to force it into law regardless of who’s in the White House. But you and I have a chance to stop them cold — if you’ll agree to take immediate action to help the president kill the dangerous treaty. It’s critical we act now.

The United Nations has tried to destroy our Constitution before. Any public official who promotes the United Nations should immediately be removed from public office, never again able to represent the American people.

Allowing the United Nations in any way puts our nation in great danger, instruct your Senator or congressman or woman that you will no longer support them in any future elections if they promote the United Nations, a foreign rogue entity that is our enemy.

Billie Jewett