Race and ethnicity is a minefield in today’s politically correct culture. The Direct Employers Association encourages employers to ask applicants to self-identify when it comes to race and ethnicity. For Hispanics it gets even trickier because they are asked if they are self-identifying as white Hispanics. That option appears on ATF Form 4473. For that reason, many Hispanics are deemed to be both white and Hispanic.

Genetics are even crazier. I had a white mother and a Mexican father. My brother looks like the typical white guy. I am the middle bean. Our sister was so brown she could not go to white schools here in Highlands County back in the 1950’s. She moved to Okeechobee and lived with an aunt. She enrolled in Okeechobee High School as a Seminole Indian and wound up being their homecoming queen the year she graduated. She married a six-foot-four, blond-haired, blue-eyed guy who gave her two awesome sons that look white.

You cannot look at a person and determine their ethnicity. It is a fool’s errand to call Mrs. (Arlene) Tuck a liar in this. Such an errand does however serve some people’s political agenda. Be mindful that we are in the age of politics.

Darrell E. Cloud

Formerly Baby Boy Gonzalez, adopted by Hugh & Willie Cloud 1949

Avon Park