To those who have self combusted over the ouster of your exalted idol Donald Trump, please take your insults and whining someplace where it might play better. The election is over and Mr. Trump lost. There was no cheating or massive voter fraud as declared by your childish sore loser. Over 50 courts across the country, including the US Supreme Court, agreed.

In any election, there is a winner and a loser. America lost in 2016. That changed this past November. If that doesn't suit you, it's too bad but you have the option to move to Texas and set up the Kingdom of Texas with Mr. Trump anointed as your sovereign. The big beautiful wall can be built instead around Texas. In this Utopian kingdom you can prostrate yourself as you bask in the warmth of your Exalted One.

It's a win win for all. The self-inflated slug gets his participation trophy. The rest of us are free of the crybaby snowflakes that can't handle the sting of defeat and who would attempt to hijack a national election. So pack up your troubles and ride with your gods into the new Promised Land.

TEXIT awaits. Aren't you gone yet?

Horace Markley