AVON PARK — The Avon Park Founders Garden Club decorated Avon Park City Hall for the 12th year. Last year the Club began using recycled material to make their decorations. They continued to do that again this year by turning individual serving sized pudding cups into bells. The cups were sprinkled with glitter and ribbon was added around the edge if the cups. The clappers were miniature pine cones. These bells were used on the wreaths on all entry doors and in hanging decorations on the inside stairwell.

More decorating was added to last years' display with the addition of wooden soldiers and small potted trees with colorful garland at the entry doors. This year decorations were extended to include the county tax office next to city hall. A floral arrangement was placed atop the county sign and three small trees with red and gold garland were placed in front of the building. Because of COVID restrictions no decorating was done on the second floor of city hall.

The Club encourages the use of recycled materials. They are currently involved with a local business, supplying them with newspaper to be shredded for packing material. For more information about the club. phone 863-452-1927.